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Lynda Tidwell Morris

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Stage Plays By Lynda

Love and loss, faith and temptation: it's all here in the inspirational theater of Lynda Tidwell Morris. A talented playwright from Seabrook, South Carolina, she runs the theatrical company, Letty's Gospel Theater, and puts on performances that inspire you to become a positive member of the community.

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Lynda's Plays

"The Garden of Eden"

Derrick and Kim's home was their "Garden of Eden," their delight...until one of them was tempted. A compelling story that will touch the heart, "The Garden of Eden" takes a close look at what it takes to make love real through dynamic musical performances performed with a live band.

"The Good Elder, Hosea"

This play places the audience in the lives of two main characters: a young, very attractive, well-liked elder who is a pillar in his community and a once-faithful church member who fell on hard times and made some bad choices after returning home from Alabama. She had gone there to take care of a sick mother. But she messed up and has now sought God and asked for forgiveness. God forgives but church folk...that's another story. The play will reveal powerful emotions as well as exciting, entertaining humor. All songs are original and feature dynamic musical performances by rising gospel singers with a live band.

"Footprints on My Heart"

Keith met Nicole when he was placed in a foster home next door to her home at the age of fifteen. Both were going through some rough times, as Nicole's dad had just died and Keith, being bounced from foster home to foster home had issues trying to belong. Nicole, a Christian girl not ready to leave her mom and home, attended the local college; Keith went to a big university. Making a vow that they will be together forever, Nicole made a promise to God and Keith that she would save herself for their wedding day. During Keith's second year at the university, he met Donna who was from a well-to-do family. She had everything she wanted, not to mention needed. Wildly popular and very attractive, she had always gotten what she wanted—and she wanted Keith. On the other side of town, Nicole was certain that her and Keith's relationship was solid and that she would soon be Mrs. Keith Jackson after Keith finished school and landed a good job...that is, until both women meet at Keith's apartment and one of them is wearing Keith's engagement ring. Why did he pretend to love her? Why did he track his footprints all over her heart? "Footprints on My Heart" features original music performed by a live band.

"Sista Girl"

Experience the transformative power of love, motherhood, and sisterhood in this inspirational play. It takes a captivating look at three African-American sisters, with plenty of attitude to spare, who take different journeys in life but find themselves sharing the same struggles and heartaches. After battling with each other, the men in their lives, and sometimes with themselves, these sisters discover what's really important in life. Interesting, surprisingly hilarious, and always hopeful: "Sista Girl" pushes against the boundaries of life to show what it takes to survive. Along the way, these women truly become sisters. "Sista Girl" features dynamic musical performances. All songs are original and will be performed with a live band.

"Stranger In My Bed (Unequally Yoked)"

Check out this play about a dysfunctional family whose faith is tested when the results of their actions produce pain and heartache. Is it true "love never hurts"?

"Parable of the 4 Single Girlfriends"

Enjoy this inspirational play about young adult women who live together and attend the same church where the pastor teaches sound doctoring. The seeds have been sown...but will they take root and yield blessing in their lives on the rocky ground and among the thorns? This is a simple story about resentment, forgiveness, and redemption.

"Aunt Izora, Come Let's Sit a Spell"

Lynda aka Aunt Izora performs a 30-minute one-woman monologue, in which Aunt Izora's shares her religious experiences mixed with a little wisdom for today. She interjects spirituals and hymns from years past and other songs depending on the occasion (wedding, etc.) The audience is encouraged to sing along, clap, dance, and use the provided tambourines and maracas to help keep the rhythm and beat. Book Auntie Izora today for 30 minutes of fun, entertainment, and movement at your next event, big or small. She is also available for workshop ice-breakers and other special events catering to children and adults.

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